Everything you need to know about spending a few days in Valencia's own Little Havana

What is this district by the sea?
Where gypsies sit amidst palm trees
So much beauty in these streets
Sure to sweep you off your feet

Tour the houses clad with tiles
So gorgeous, garish you will smile
With joy and wonder at their style

Fishermen built them for their wives
There to cherish all their lives
Each one a show of love and joy
Now Rita’s mission to destroy

Along these Calles, bright and charming
Her brown stripes grim and quite alarming
But still these houses shine like jewels
To knock them down, you’d be a fool

In March the Fallas burn at night
Fires to fill the streets with light
Music booms, firecrackers pop
The party never wants to stop

Semana Santa is the time
For Cabanyal to really shine
They drum in Easter with panache
Brass bands play, the pace is fast

The people are a charming mix
Look out the window, take your pick
They hail from Spain, Lahore and China
Proud and loyal, nowhere finer

Singing, clapping in the squares
Gitanos smile and sometimes stare
Emptying bins and filling trollies
Exchanging findings for their lolly

A place to swim, a place to fish
Al i Pebre their top dish Bacalhao, Fideu, Snails
Clochones, Sepia, Lobster tails

A market full of golden fruit
Gypsies in their leopard suits
Workers, walkers, grandmas, kids
Buying chickens, rabbits, squid

El Cabanyal is by the sea
You’ll find the waves, the salty breeze
Beyond the beach though, there’s much more
A chance to glimpse behind the door

A slice of history,
Rich and strong
Linger here and linger long

Valencia’s treasure,
Please don’t squander
Bring the people down to wander
And catch a glimpse of
Spain that’s real
Come here and you’re sure to feel

A place for all to holiday
El Cabanyal is here to stay

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